Added support for Tandy 160x200x16 output

If you would like to create videos for a Tandy 1000 or PCjr system using it’s 160x200x16 mode, you can now do that; use SCREENMODE 3 in your script, and prepare your source files using the proper palette.  The documentation has been updated to list the correct palettes, and the github repository has examples as well.


2 thoughts on “Added support for Tandy 160x200x16 output

  1. You’re interested to implement to implement Amstrad PC1512 special cga mode? it’s cga and use a propetary 640×200 16 colors, is easy to implement it (i can send examples), the demo videos works perfectly, but is interested in try this relic?


    • There are a few hurdles in implementing PC1512 mode: It’s 64KB per frame instead of 16KB, so you’d need quadruple the CPU time and data to make videos. Secondly, the Amstrad 640x200x16 mode is arranged by bitplanes, so according to the information at it would be very slow to update large portions of the screen. I’d also have to write a compiler specifically for that mode.

      The Tandy TL/RL/SL series also has a 640x200x16 mode, but I believe it’s arranged in chunky fashion which would make it easier to support. But I have no such plans at the moment. All source is freely available, if anyone else wants to give it a shot…


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