Source repository with compiled binaries:  If you’re having trouble navigating github, a .zip file of the master branch is usually available.

There are some example videos available that show off the system fairly well:

  • Thundercats opening (160×100, 16 colors): Illustrates that the lower-res 160×100 mode is sometimes necessary for “action” content.
  • TRON disc battle (160×200, 16 colors): A mixture of low and high action.
  • Bad Apple!! (640×200, black and white): A 5+ minute shadow puppet animation music video that has a long history.
  • Big Buck Bunny (color, 8+ minutes), the Blender Foundation CC animation.  This encoding shows off XDC’s ability to maintain 60p (60 frames per second!), even on 4.77MHz hardware.
  • Big Buck Bunny (low bitrate).  This version is meant for vintage 32MB RLL drives and will play properly on them.  Although the bitrate is reduced, 15 FPS is maintained on average, bursting up to 60 FPS.
  • Move Your Feet Junior Senior music video.  A “pixel art” animation.
  • 60fps Big Buck Bunny clip that fits on a floppy disk, suitable for testing on any system without a hard drive or sound card:

You can also download the original demo that showcased the system, which has a variety of content including Bad Apple.